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General Info
Class No.11T0095
Chinese Name
English NameESL WHALE
Signal LetterD5UF7
IMO No.9454577
Former NamesCDBL ORE
Registry PortMonrovia
OperatorTrust Maritime Services Pte Ltd
Type of Ship and PurposesBulk Carrier
Next Special Survey2021-07-03
Net Tonage59,527
Dead weight180,389
Length Overall (LOA)295.0
Length B. P. (LBP)285.0
Moulded B (BM)46.0
Moulded D (DM)24.8
Hull Character★CSA
Hull NotationBC-A(Holds Nos.2, 4 ,6 & 8 may be Empty);BWMP(MEPC.127(53));CSR;ESP;FTP;Grab(25);In-Water Survey;Loading Computer (S, I, G);Strengthened for Heavy Cargoes
Machinery Character★CSM
Machinery NotationAUT-0;SCM
Deck ErectionsDeckhouse:15.2,Forecastle:20.98
Decks1; Upper Deck
Bulkheads11; Fr.Nos. 14, 47, 74, 103, 132, 161, 190, 219, 248, 277, 305
Ship BuilderDalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Ship BuildChina
Date of Ship Build2011-07-04
Date of build for major portion related to major conversion
Details of major conversion
Engine BuilderDalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd., China
Boiler BuilderSaacke Qingdao Marine Boiler Co., Ltd.
Date of Engine Build2010-12-24
Date of Boiler Build
Type of Number of Main Engine6S70MC-C*1;
Cylinders,Diameter,Power &Revolution of Main Engine6*700*18660*91
Generator,Power &Voltage, numberNTAKL-VE*900*450*3;
Boilers,Pressure,Heating Area1*0.7*35/338 m2
Containes &specifications
Cargo Spaces9
Volume of Cargo Space201953.30 M3
Hatch & Scantling7*15.47x20.00; 2*15.47x16.50
Type,Safe Loading of Cargo Handling Gear&NumberCrane,8,3
Volume of Each Cargo SpaceNo.1 Cargo hold*(G19128.40) ;No.2 Cargo hold*(G23167.40) ;No.3 Cargo hold*(G23212.20) ;No.4 Cargo hold*(G23228.90) ;No.5 Cargo hold*(G23211.60) ;No.6 Cargo hold*(G23212.70) ;No.7 Cargo hold*(G23196.80) ;No.8 Cargo hold*(G23096.10) ;No.9 Cargo hold*(G20499.20)