Open Database of Ships

Data for the vessel -> General
Name of vesselEDUARD TOLL
RS No141232
IMO No9750696
Previous name
Call signC6CR2
Port of registryNassau
FlagThe Commonwealth of the Bahamas
RS Class notationKM(*) Arc7 (at d<= 12.0 m) AUT1-ICS OMBO EPP ANTI-ICE LI CCO ECO-S BWM(S) BWM(T) WINTERIZATION(-50) gas carrier type 2G (methane)
Major conversion/modernization
Data for the vessel -> Type of vessel
Basic typeLiquefied gas carrier
Data for the vessel -> Building information
Date of build09/12/2017
Country of buildKorea
Building number2423
Date of Build Major Portion
Major Portion
Data for the vessel -> Dimensions and speed
Gross tonnage128975 MK-1969
Tonnage38692 MK-1969
Deadweight96840 t.
Displacement143866 t.
Length overall (extreme)299.00 m.
Moulded lenght-
Rule length283.10 m.
Breadth50.05 m.
Depth26.50 m.
Draught13.00 m.
Data for the vessel -> Machinery
Type of power plantDiesel-Ele
Main Engine
The number and power of propulsion motors3* 15000
Propeller number, type3 - MMASS type AZIPOD
Number of blades4
Number and power of generators4* 11250 2* 8450
Number of main boilers0
Type of main boilers
Heating surface0
Data for the vessel -> Refrigerating plant and radio navigational equipment
Refrigerating plant
Working temperature
Radio navigational equipmentAutomatic identification system Automatic radar plotting aids Bridge navigational watch alarm system COSPAS-SARSAT Satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacon Depth sounder Electronic Chart Display and Navigational System Enhanced group call receiver Equipment of Long-range identification and Tracking of Ships GMDSS ship earth station Gyro-compass Heading or Track Control System (Autopilot) HF direct-printing radio-telegraph receiver Log (any type) Magnetic compass MF/HF radio installation (MF/HF radio-telephone station with digital selective calling and telex) NAVTEX receiver Public address system Radar Radio navigation system receiver Rate of turn indicator Search and Rescue Radar Transpoder, AIS Search and Rescue Ship security alert system Sound reception system Transmitting Heading Device Two-way radio-telephone apparatus Two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus for communication with aircraft VHF Radioinstallation (VHF radio-telephone station with digital selective calling) Voyage data recorder
Data for the vessel -> Holds, decks, passengers
Number and capacity of cargo holds
Refrigerated cargo spaces
Cargo tanks
Number and type of containers
Number of decks1
Number o bulkheads8
Number of passengers, berthed0
Number of passengers, unberthed0
Special personnel0
Data for the vessel -> Hatches, Derricks, Cranes
Cargo hatches (number and clear dimensions)
Derricks2*3.0 2*2.0
Cranes4*15.0 1*8.0
Data for the vessel -> Capacities
FO bunkers6264
FO typesDiesel oil, Heavy oil, Gas(methane)
Water ballast73527 m3
Heating coilsПБПТ
Equipment Number6900
Grade of anchor chainsCat3
Diameter of anchor chains111.0
Data for the vessel -> Companies related to the vessel
OwnerDSME HULL NO.2423 L.L.C. Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Islands, Majuro, MH96960, Marshall Islands IMO: Email: Company Website:
Vessel status -> Certificates
TypeCertificate titleDate of issueExpiry dateStatusLast Date of SurveyDue Date Range of SurveyPostponementNext Survey Type
ClassCLC - Классификационное свидетельство // Classification certificate04.09.201706.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021S
StatutoryAFS - Международное свидетельство по противообрастающим системам // International certificate on antifouling systems04.05.201804.05.2018
StatutoryIAPP - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения атмосферы // International air pollution prevention certificate13.03.202006.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryIEE - Международное свидетельство об энергоэффективности судна // International energy efficiency certificate16.11.201616.11.2016
StatutoryLL - Международное свидетельство о грузовой марке // International load line certificate16.11.201606.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryLOP - Перечень всех эксплуатационных ограничений для пассажирского судна // List of all limitations on the operation of a passenger ship13.03.202006.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryMG - Свидетельство о соответствии оборудования и устройств судна требованиям Приложения V к МК МАРПОЛ 73/78 // Certificate of compliance of equipment and arrangements of the ship with the requirements of Annex V to the MARPOL 73/78 Convention16.11.201606.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryMO - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения нефтью // International oil pollution prevention certificate16.11.201606.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryMS - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения сточными водами // International sewage pollution prevention certificate16.11.201606.06.202116.11.201606.06.2021R
StatutorySP - Свидетельство о безопасности пассажирского судна // Passenger ship safety сertificate13.03.202006.06.202113.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryTGL1 - Удостоверение об освидетельствовании и/или испытании сходней и посадочных трапов в соответствии с циркуляром ИМО MSC/Circ.1331 // Statement of survey and/or test of gangways and accommodation ladders in accordance with IMO circular MSC/Circ.133116.11.201613.03.202006.06.2021R
StatutoryTLA - Удостоверение о проведении проверок и испытаний спусковых устройств и устройств отдачи гаков под нагрузкой // Statement of examinations and tests of launching appliances and on-load release gear16.11.201613.03.202006.06.2021R