Open Database of Ships

General Info
Class No.18R0151
Chinese Name
English NameESSTAR
Signal LetterD5RS3
IMO No.9689031
Former Names
Registry PortMonrovia
OwnerSingapore Esstar Shipping Pte.Ltd
OperatorSeacon Ships Management Co., Limited (Qingdao)
Type of Ship and PurposesChemical/Oil Tanker
Next Special Survey2023-11-05
Net Tonage5,720
Dead weight19,950
Length Overall (LOA)160.5
Length B. P. (LBP)150.8
Moulded B (BM)23.0
Moulded D (DM)12.7
Hull Character★CSA
Hull NotationDouble Hull;ESP;F.P. ≤ 60℃;Ice Class B;In-Water Survey;Loading Computer (S, I, D);Max. Cargo Density(1025 kg/m3);Max. Cargo Temperature 80 ℃;Max.Pressure 0.02 MPa;PSPC(B);Type 2
Machinery Character★CSM
Machinery NotationBRC;BWMP;FTP
Deck ErectionsDeckhouse:14.4,Forecastle:12.91,Poop:14.4
Decks1,Upper deck
Ship BuilderNanjing Tanker Corporation Zijinshan Shipyard
Place of Ship BuildChina
Date of Ship Build2018-11-06
Date of build for major portion related to major conversion
Details of major conversion
Engine BuilderYichang Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Boiler BuilderJiangyin Sanjie Industry Co., Ltd. China
Date of Engine Build2013-05-15
Date of Boiler Build
Type of Number of Main Engine6S35MC-C9.2*1;
Cylinders,Diameter,Power &Revolution of Main Engine6*350*4500*145
Generator,Power &Voltage, number1FC6 454-6SA83*500*450*3;
Boilers,Pressure,Heating Area1*0.7*/130 m2;2*0.7*102 m2
Containes &specifications
Cargo Spaces12
Volume of Cargo Space21941.60 M3
Hatch & Scantling12*1.2x0.75/dia.0.8
Type,Safe Loading of Cargo Handling Gear&Number
Volume of Each Cargo SpaceNO.1 C.O.T.(P)*(G1553.00) ;NO.1 C.O.T.(S)*(G1553.00) ;NO.2 C.O.T.(P)*(G1985.20) ;NO.2 C.O.T.(S)*(G1985.20) ;NO.3 C.O.T.(P)*(G2013.30) ;NO.3 C.O.T.(S)*(G2013.30) ;NO.4 C.O.T.(P)*(G2013.30) ;NO.4 C.O.T.(S)*(G2013.30) ;NO.5 C.O.T.(P)*(G2013.30) ;NO.5 C.O.T.(S)*(G2013.30) ;NO.6 C.O.T.(P)*(G1396.80) ;NO.6 C.O.T.(S)*(G1388.60)