Open Database of Ships

Data for the vessel -> General
Name of vesselOPALA
RS No990626
IMO No9219537
Previous name
Call signUBIG
Port of registryPetropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
RS Class notation(KM)* fishing vessel
Major conversion/modernization
Data for the vessel -> Type of vessel
Basic typeFishing
Data for the vessel -> Building information
Date of build01/01/2000
Country of buildTaiwan
Building numberJS-079
Date of Build Major Portion
Major Portion
Data for the vessel -> Dimensions and speed
Gross tonnage599
Tonnage179 MK-1969
Deadweight394 t.
Displacement1050 t.
Length overall (extreme)56.00 m.
Moulded lenght56.00 m.
Rule length47.30 m.
Breadth8.60 m.
Depth3.70 m.
Draught3.63 m.
Data for the vessel -> Machinery
Type of power plantDiesel
Main Engine
The number and power of propulsion motors
Propeller number, type1 - Fixed pitched solid propeller
Number of blades4
Number and power of generators2* 360
Number of main boilers
Type of main boilers
Heating surface
Data for the vessel -> Refrigerating plant and radio navigational equipment
Refrigerating plant
Working temperature0
Radio navigational equipmentAutomatic identification system with GLONASS COSPAS-SARSAT Satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacon Depth sounder Digital selective calling receiver Enhanced group call receiver GMDSS ship earth station Gyro-compass Heading or Track Control System (Autopilot) Log (any type) Magnetic compass MF Radioinstallation (MF radio-telephone station with digital selective calling) NAVTEX receiver Public address system Radar Radio navigation system receiver Search and Rescue Radar Transpoder, AIS Search and Rescue Transmitting Heading Device Two-way radio-telephone apparatus VHF Radioinstallation (VHF radio-telephone station with digital selective calling)
Data for the vessel -> Holds, decks, passengers
Number and capacity of cargo holds
Refrigerated cargo spaces
Cargo tanks
Number and type of containers
Number of decks1
Number o bulkheads5
Number of passengers, berthed0
Number of passengers, unberthed
Special personnel0
Data for the vessel -> Hatches, Derricks, Cranes
Cargo hatches (number and clear dimensions)
Data for the vessel -> Capacities
FO bunkers208
FO typesDiesel oil
Water ballast0 m3
Heating coils
Equipment Number232
Grade of anchor chainsCat1
Diameter of anchor chains26.0
Data for the vessel -> Companies related to the vessel
Owner"FENIKS", JOINT-STOCK COMPANY Address: Russia, 683000 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, ul. Leninskaya, 26 IMO: 1825034 Email: Company Website:
Vessel status -> Certificates
TypeCertificate titleDate of issueExpiry dateStatusLast Date of SurveyDue Date Range of SurveyPostponementNext Survey Type
ClassCLC - Классификационное свидетельство // Classification certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020S
StatutoryAFS - Международное свидетельство по противообрастающим системам // International certificate on antifouling systems06.02.202006.02.2020
StatutoryDCOS - Свидетельство соответствия морского судна снабжения // Document of compliance of offshore supply vessel06.02.202006.02.2020
StatutoryDGB-19 - Документ о соответствии судна, перевозящего опасные грузы, специальным требованиям // Document of compliance with the special requirements for ship carrying dangerous goods06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutoryIAPP - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения атмосферы // International air pollution prevention certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutoryIEE - Международное свидетельство об энергоэффективности судна // International energy efficiency certificate06.02.202006.02.2020
StatutoryLL - Международное свидетельство о грузовой марке // International load line certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutoryMG - Свидетельство о соответствии оборудования и устройств судна требованиям Приложения V к МК МАРПОЛ 73/78 // Certificate of compliance of equipment and arrangements of the ship with the requirements of Annex V to the MARPOL 73/78 Convention06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutoryMO - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения нефтью // International oil pollution prevention certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutoryMS - Международное свидетельство о предотвращении загрязнения сточными водами // International sewage pollution prevention certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutorySC - Свидетельство о безопасности грузового судна по конструкции // Cargo ship safety construction certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutorySE - Свидетельство о безопасности грузового судна по оборудованию и снабжению // Cargo ship safety equipment certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R
StatutorySR - Свидетельство о безопасности грузового судна по радиооборудованию // Cargo ship safety radio certificate06.02.202006.11.202006.02.202006.11.2020R